Coming soon to your home or business

Life Security to your home and/or business

What will it do for you and your family?

Will protect your family, home and assets
May save your life, your family and your home plus business
Will increase the overall safety in your home/business
Most Cost effective and reliable system in New Zealand
No Batteries to replace every 6 months
Best Full Household Smoke Detector Alarm warning system available in New Zealand
Can shut the Power and/or Gas off to your house or selected rooms
All Smoke Detectors are interconnected and sound simultaneously throughout the house or business
One user friendly Central Controller
May reduce your Insurance premiums for your Contents and House, saving you money
Always on 24/7 no need to remember to set it when leaving home or returning
Can be interfaced with Security Alarm, Medical Alarm and other Fire Alarm Systems in New Zealand

No Fixed Term Monitoring Contract

Our Life Security is so cost effective to have in your home or business. You can have a Home Security System, Controls your Power and a Medical Alarm system plus we are adding more products to this to make your life less stressful.

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